The consortium is now inviting applications for up to 12 highly motivated and talented PhD candidates (Early Stage Researchers, ESRs) for these fully-funded positions. Recruitment will remain open until all positions are filled in 2021.  The target start dates for the first positions will be in February-March 2021. ESRs will be employed on a full-time basis and based at one of eight particular host institutions.  They will also spend up to 6-months on secondment at partner organisations, thereby ensuring that all ESRs will spend time in both academia and industry, and in at least two different countries.
  • ESR1: Development of high strength bonding between polymer and magnesium with micro/nano structures and chemical treatment for bioresorbable stent
  • ESR 2: Production of micro/nano structured surface on plastic microfluidic chip for immobilisation of proteins
  • ESR 3: Multi-scale 3D printing of hydrogels for vasculature-on-a-chip for stent characterization
  • ESR 4: Design and development of microstructures for low friction polymer surfaces in medical device applications
  • ESR5: Digital production of a hearing-aid ear mould / dome
  • ESR6: Precision processing of biobased polymers for device concepts in medical applications
  • ESR7: Laser processing of transparent and high-performance polymers: Embedded optical waveguides, surface texturing for prototype and hybrid moulds
  • ESR8: Laser micro-printing of biomedical multi-materials (biopolymers and metals)
  • ESR9: Laser induced periodic surface structures of polymers
  • ESR10: Laser sealing of polymer microfluidic chips for bioapplications
  • ESR11: Development of silicone-free pre-filled plastic syringes by compression moulding of nano-structured surfaces
  • ESR12: Cryogenic machining of UHMWPE acetabular cup inserts